The GRILLO treadmill was first produced in 1977, based on an idea by Massimo and Ivano Torelli. German shepherd dog lovers, the two began taking part in dog shows with a bitch which, although of excellent build, failed to obtain the desired results.


Dr. Walter Gorieri, President of the Società Amatori Schäferhunde (Italian German Shepherd Dog Club) and international judge advised the owners to train their dog’s muscles. Massimo and Ivano therefore began making their first treadmill to train their bitch. The improvements were immediate both in terms of muscle and stride and attracted the interest of Dr. Gorieri at their next dog show.


This was the start of collaboration between Dr. Gorieri and the Torelli brothers, enabling development of a reliable machine which attracted the interest of other international judges, including Dr. Maglio Massa, expert in Newfoundlands, and Dr. Bezzecchi, expert in large breeds, who were given a machine on trial.


Collaboration with these dog experts allowed accurate design development and the special non-slip running surface on an air cushion was patented. Collaboration with veterinary clinics adapted the machine for rehabilitation and the treadmill received a positive verdict from two important veterinary clinics where it has been in use for years – Parma University veterinary clinic and Camerino University veterinary clinic.


The machines are made on a small scale and are therefore fully customisable to meet specific requirements, such as for example the Maxi model created to satisfy the needs of the Italian Police Force which needed to train both dog and handler simultaneously.


Thanks to the important collaboration during development of the machine, the Grillo treadmill is a successful product, a favourite among breeders, exhibitors, dog lovers, handlers and vets for more than 30 years.